Medical News Today: Why is my leg shaking?

RLS might look or feel similar to a leg tremor because people with RLS feel an uncontrollable urge to move their legs.

However, a tremor occurs when a muscle spasms out of control. RLS causes voluntary leg movement. These voluntary leg movements occur due to feelings of discomfort. For people with RLS, the legs might tingle, burn, or hurt without movement.

People with RLS often experience symptoms at night, though they can manifest any time.

It is more common among pregnant women, people with nutritional deficiencies, and those with nerve damage due to conditions such as diabetes. That said, anyone can develop RLS.

Doctors do not fully understand the cause, though they suspect that an untreated health condition may have something to do with it. Treating any underlying conditions may help ease RLS.

However, if a doctor cannot find the cause, they may recommend medication to ease the discomfort.

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