Medical News Today: What to know about alcohol and the keto diet

The sections below list some keto-friendly choices for low carb alcoholic drinks.


Champagne and sparkling wine contain an average of 4.68 g of carbs per glass.

So, enjoying a small glass to celebrate a special event should fit within most keto diet plans.

Light beer

Although most beer contains a lot of carbs, there are some lighter options. For example, a pale lager contains an average of 5.81 g of carbs per can.

Choose a light beer to stay within carb limits for the day.

Red wine

Both red and white wine contain relatively few carbs. There are about 4.7 g in a standard glass.

Dry wines have the lowest sugar content.


Spirits — such as gin, whiskey, rum, and vodka — contain 0 g of carbs.


Mixers often contain carbs, so people following a keto diet may wish to choose a low sugar or diet option.

Club soda and sparkling water contain no carbs. Mixers that contain artificial sweeteners are some other low carb options.

Energy drinks, juice, cola, and lemonade are all high in carbohydrates, however.

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