Medical News Today: What does it mean to feel malaise?

Treatment for malaise depends on its cause. When malaise results from a medical issue, treating this issue should help resolve the malaise.

People who experience unexplained fatigue may be tempted to use stimulants, such as caffeine or modafinil (Alertec).

These drugs may alleviate fatigue in the short term, but they are not a permanent solution. Instead, people with fatigue may benefit from regular physical activity, such as stretching and aerobic exercise.

When malaise is characterized by feelings of depression, a person may benefit from antidepressant medication, which may alleviate symptoms and increase energy levels. Some people also benefit from talking therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

People with malaise should see their doctors for regular checkups. This can help the doctor better understand the underlying issue, resulting in a more accurate diagnosis and more effective treatment.

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