Medical News Today: What does it mean to be asexual?

In the initialism LGBTQIAP+, the A stands for asexual spectrum, or a-spec. Several identities fall under this category.

Asexual people have the same emotional needs as everyone else. Everyone is different, and how individuals fulfill those needs varies widely.

Some aces may want romantic relationships. They can feel romantically attracted to other people, which may include the same sex or other sexes.

Other aces prefer close friendships to intimate relationships. Some will experience arousal, and some will masturbate while having no interest in having sex with another person.

Some asexual people do not want to have sexual contact, while others may feel “sex-neutral.” Other asexual people will engage in sexual contact to gain an emotional connection.

Other common identities which fall into the asexual spectrum include:


Aromantic people experience little or no romantic attraction. They prefer close friendships and other nonromantic relationships.

Many aromantic people will form queer platonic partnerships, or QPPs. QPPs are platonic yet have the same level of commitment as romantic relationships. Some people in QPPs choose to live together or have children together.


People who are demisexual experience sexual or romantic attraction, but only after they have formed a close, emotional connection with someone.

Graysexual or grayromantic

Graysexual or grayromantic people identify somewhere between sexual and asexual. This can include but is not limited to:

  • people who only experience romantic attraction sometimes
  • people who only experience sexual attraction sometimes
  • people who experience sexual attraction but have a very low sex drive
  • people who desire and enjoy sexual or romantic relationships but only in very specific circumstances

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