Medical News Today: What can cause pain in the temple?

Migraine headaches usually start on one side of the head. They can also move from the back of the head to the front, behind the eye.

A migraine headache can start as a dull ache that develops into a pulsing pain. Some people feel pain or pressure in their temples.

A migraine episode may have the following four stages, distinguished by changes in symptoms:

Prodrome: This stage can include sensitivity to light and sound, tiredness, mood changes, neck pain, and nausea.

Aura: A migraine aura is a sensory disturbance. An aura may be visual, involving lights, lines, or spots in the field of vision. Or, the aura may be physical, causing a pins-and-needles sensation. Auras affect one-third of people with migraine.

Headache: A migraine headache causes pain that gets worse with movement. A person may also have nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound, smells, light, or a combination.

Postdrome: The final stage of a migraine episode can involve tiredness, trouble concentrating, weakness, and dizziness.


There is no test to diagnose migraine.

A doctor will ask for detailed descriptions of the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches and the extent to which symptoms interfere with everyday life.

Keeping a record of symptoms and any medications can help the doctor recommend the best course of treatment. Meanwhile, an MRI or CAT scan can rule out other causes of head pain.


When a person is experiencing a migraine episode, the following treatments can help:

  • Sleep: This may put an end to a mild episode.
  • Analgesics and antiemetics: Examples include metoclopramide and the combination medications Fioricet and Fiorinal.
  • Triptans: Examples include naratriptan, zolmitriptan, rizatriptan, and sumatriptan.

However, people should not use triptans if they have, or have a risk of, cardiac ischemia.

Also, Botox injections can help relieve migraines. A healthcare professional can inject Botox around the head, neck, and shoulders to block muscle contraction.

The following medications may help prevent migraine episodes:

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