Medical News Today: What are the health benefits of yerba maté tea?

To get the most benefits from yerba maté tea, prepare the tea with boiling water, then allow it to cool. Warm and cold teas are not associated with an increased risk of oral cancers, so try drinking the tea with ice or after chilling it in the refrigerator.

People who prefer sweet tea should sweeten the tea with sugar, honey, agave, or another sweetener while it is still hot.

Making yerba maté from loose tea leaves may lead to a fresher tasting tea. It also offers more control over the strength of the tea. Start with a tablespoon of yerba maté per cup of hot water, then adjust to taste.

Many traditional societies prefer sharing yerba maté as part of a community event. Drinking yerba maté from a gourd, which is a special container, facilitates sharing and may improve the taste and experience.

Try preparing the tea in a yerba maté tea gourd, then drinking immediately for best flavor.

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