Medical News Today: Should you work out when you are sick?

Anyone who chooses to work out while sick can keep the following tips in mind:

Stay hydrated

Hydration is always important but is vital while the body recovers from sickness. The body is likely already using extra fluid to move toxins. It may also be losing fluid from extra sweating and a runny nose.

Staying hydrated while working out and throughout the course of the sickness may help avoid the effects of dehydration.

Balance electrolytes

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Miso soup can help restore electrolytes after a workout.

Along with hydration, it is essential to find ways to replenish electrolyte salts while exercising.

Even a simple runny nose can use up electrolytes. Adding a sweaty workout to the mix means the person should take extra precautions.

Drinking liquids, such as coconut water, broth, miso soup, or sports drinks, may help restore these electrolytes and keep the body working as it should.

Eat a balanced diet

Along with regular exercise, eating a healthful diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to boost the immune system and prevent infection.

The body also needs these healthful nutrients while it is recovering from an infection.

Avoid overexertion

When someone is sick, their body is trying to fight off and recover from an illness. As such, it is crucial to keep exercise light. It may not be the best idea to push the body to its limits, such as doing sprints or heavy weightlifting.

A brisk walk or bike ride may be enough to get the blood flowing without pushing the body too hard.

Avoid the gym

As a consideration to other people, it may be a good idea to avoid exercising in an enclosed space with shared equipment, such as the gym.

Some gyms even have rules that prohibit people from exercising while sick. Instead, they can choose to exercise at home or outdoors.

Listen to the body

Most importantly, listen to the body. If a person feels exhausted just a few minutes into working out, it is probably time to stop.

It may be inconvenient, but it is much better to give the body a chance to recover and then go back to the usual exercise routine.

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