Medical News Today: Should you work out when sore?

People should not let muscle soreness put them off exercise. It is worth noting that the effects of both EIH and DOMS fade as the body becomes more accustomed to working out.

In the meantime, people can try the following tips for preventing and alleviating muscle soreness. These should help make it possible for people to continue their regular workout routine.

Working out with EIH

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Drinking plenty of water may help prevent a lactic acid buildup.

A buildup of lactic acid in the muscles is harmless, but it can cause pain, cramps, or soreness during a workout.

Tips for preventing lactic acid buildup include:

  • drinking plenty of water
  • taking deep breaths
  • dropping the intensity of the workout when soreness sets in
  • stretching after a workout

After a while, the body will break down and dispose of any excess lactic acid. The muscle pain will then go away.

Working out with DOMS

Sometimes, muscle soreness makes a particular activity difficult or painful. If this is the case, a person should avoid that activity for a few days until their symptoms ease. Meanwhile, they can try exercising a different part of the body.

People can use at-home treatments to ease the symptoms of DOMS. The American College of Sports Science provide the following recommendations for reducing muscle pain and inflammation:

  • applying ice packs to the affected muscles
  • massaging the affected muscles
  • taking pain relief medications, such as ibuprofen

In addition, the following tips can help people prevent DOMS:

  • When embarking on a new exercise program, start slowly and build the intensity up gradually.
  • Do not repeat the same activity or exercise every day. Allow the muscles time to recover.
  • Warm up the muscles before starting a workout.
  • Stretch off after a workout to help prepare the muscles for future workout sessions.

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