Medical News Today: Pink eye in toddlers: Everything you need to know

Some toddlers get pink eye repeatedly. This is not unusual, as children in school, daycare, and other community settings are more vulnerable to repeat infections.

Some pink eye bacteria may be resistant to treatment. A doctor may need to take a culture to see which type of germ is causing the infection.

In some cases, repeat infections signal an underlying problem.

Other causes of pink eye

Meibomitis is inflammation of the meibomian glands, which line the eyelid behind the eyelashes. When these glands become irritated, this can cause eyelid irritation that increases the risk of pink eye. This is uncommon in toddlers.

Blepharitis is another condition that causes chronic eyelid inflammation and irritation. The AOO note that the eyelids may look flaky, dry, or swollen. People with blepharitis may struggle with frequent pink eye. Treating the blepharitis may help.

The trachoma infection, which is a type of chlamydia, may also cause chronic eye irritation and pink eye. Babies may contract this infection when they pass through the birth canal, and symptoms may appear in toddlerhood.

Trachoma is treatable but is also one of the world’s leading causes of blindness. Though widespread throughout some parts of the world, trachoma is now rare in the United States.

Carers should not assume that chronic eye redness is viral pink eye. It is best to see your child’s pediatrician and, if necessary, a pediatric ophthalmologist to get a comprehensive evaluation and accurate diagnosis.

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