Medical News Today: Homeopathic treatments for anxiety: What to know

Some other natural treatments with more robust research supporting their use include:


Lavender is a popular ingredient in many natural products because of its pleasant aroma.

Some research suggests that lavender aromatherapy may improve a wide range of anxiety symptoms, including symptoms of generalized anxiety and phobias.

A 2010 study compared people with dental anxiety using lavender aromatherapy to those who received no treatment. Only the lavender group reported that their level of anxiety had decreased.

Another 2010 study compared people with generalized anxiety who used a lavender essential oil preparation called silexan to those who took the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam.

Both groups had similar improvements in sleep and anxiety. However, the lavender oil group was less likely to experience grogginess.

Valerian root

Valerian root, which is available in capsule form, may help relieve anxiety in some people. It is a popular home remedy for insomnia.

Some research in animal models, including a 2010 study, suggests that Valerian may help relieve anxiety symptoms. In the study, rats that received valerian displayed a reduction in anxious behaviors.

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According to a 2012 study, magnesium deficiency may cause anxiety. This suggests that magnesium supplementation may reverse anxiety in people who do not get enough of this vital nutrient.

A 2017 systematic review assessed the effects of magnesium supplementation on feelings of stress and anxiety. Researchers found that magnesium did improve symptoms of anxiety. However, the quality of the evidence was low, pointing to the need for more data.

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Passionflower has a long history of use as a sedative and may help relieve anxiety. The authors of a 2017 review found good evidence for its effectiveness in helping treat anxiety and nervousness.

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