Medical News Today: Chest pain in women: What causes it, and how do doctors diagnose it?

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A person should seek immediate medical attention if they experience symptoms of a heart attack.

According to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), 1 in 4 male deaths and 1 in 5 female deaths are due to heart disease. Heart disease refers to several conditions that affect this organ, including heart attack.

Men and women tend to show different signs of a heart attack.

Women are less likely than males to feel an overwhelming amount of pressure in their chest. Instead, they are more likely to experience dizziness, fatigue, or nausea. They may also have pain in both arms, rather than just the left arm.

Any woman who experiences any of these symptoms should call 911 or seek emergency medical care immediately.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the typical symptoms of heart attacks in women include:

  • chest pain or discomfort
  • shortness of breath
  • cold sweat, lightheadedness, or nausea
  • discomfort, numbness, or pain in one or both arms, the neck, stomach, jaw, or back
  • a squeezing sensation, pain, uncomfortable pressure, or fullness in the center of the chest

The sensations affecting the chest tend to last for more than a few minutes or stop before starting again.

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