Medical News Today: Blood pressure chart: Ranges and guide

According to the American Heart Association, a healthy blood pressure range is:

  • systolic: less than 120
  • diastolic: less than 80

If a person has the following numbers, they have low blood pressure:

  • systolic: 90 or below
  • diastolic: 60 or below

Lower blood pressure is especially common in athletes and young people.

A person has elevated blood pressure if their readings are:

  • systolic: 120–129
  • diastolic: less than 80

A person with elevated blood pressure is not yet hypertensive and can take steps to help prevent progression to hypertension.

Actions include:

  • reducing sodium intake
  • exercising more frequently
  • losing weight
  • treating other conditions that may be contributing, such as sleep apnea
  • limiting alcohol intake
  • taking medications that target blood pressure

The three stages of hypertension are:

  • stage 1
  • stage 2
  • crisis

In stage 1 hypertension, the numbers will range between:

  • systolic: 130–139 or
  • diastolic: 80–89

In stage 2 hypertension, the numbers will range between:

  • systolic: 140 or higher or
  • diastolic: 90 or higher

Finally, if a person has hypertension crisis, the numbers will read:

  • systolic: 180 or higher
  • diastolic: 120 or higher

These numbers are for adults. A parent or caregiver should talk to a child’s doctor about healthy ranges for children, as age, weight, and sex can all affect these numbers.

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