Medical News Today: Acute cerebellar ataxia: Everything you need to know

Acute cerebellar ataxia is not life threatening. In one 2016 report, 91% of cases resolved within 30 days.

If the child has an active infection, a doctor will treat that first. Depending on the type of infection, they may prescribe antibiotics or antiviral drugs. They may recommend anti-inflammatory medications as well or instead.

No specific treatment can cure acute cerebellar ataxia. Instead, treatment focuses on managing the cause and minimizing the child’s discomfort.

For persistent cases of cerebellar ataxia, a doctor may recommend:

  • corticosteroids, which can reduce inflammation and swelling
  • intravenous immunoglobulin therapy, which uses antibodies that a healthy person has donated
  • plasma exchange therapy, which filters the blood plasma
  • medications to reduce muscle spasms

For children who continue to have coordination problems, occupational or physical therapy may help.

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