Medical News Today: A guide to the best probiotics

In recent years, the extensive research into probiotics and the microbiome leaves no doubt that these novel products can benefit some aspects of human health.

Specifically, science has identified areas of use for diarrhea, respiratory conditions, and some infant illnesses and conditions. Probiotics may also help with weight management, gut issues and constipation, and mental health.

People can do their own research into which specific strains might work for their particular condition. A healthcare professional can help with this.

They can choose probiotics according to their CFU, the strains included, and whether or not the product also contains prebiotics. It can be more cost effective to choose a product with a lower CFU for general health maintenance.

People can choose from a wide range of probiotic brands online.

Those taking probiotics for the first time might want to monitor any effects and build up their dosage slowly, especially if the product contains prebiotics, which can cause excess gas.

People who have an immune condition or severe illness should speak to their doctor before taking probiotics, as they may not be suitable. Also, people with allergies or intolerances should be sure to read product labels carefully to avoid triggering a reaction.

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